Notarial Services
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Notarial Services


Our firm specializes in providing notarized services, including signature authentication, certification of copies, certification of translation, notarized affidavits, notarized powers of attorney, confirmation of receipt of an affidavit or declaration of a translator, certificate of life, approval of prenuptial agreements and notarized wills.
The cost of services is in accordance with the law. The price of notary services is determined by the state. In accordance with the law, we are not allowed to collect lower or higher wages than stipulated in the Notaries (Services Wages) Regulations, 1978.

Like all other services of our firm, the service is done around the clock, emphasizing efficiency, professionalism and availability. The services are provided at the office or at the client's.

Our office also provides apostillization, either at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for non-apostille states) or at Court

Notarial Powers of Attorney

Notarial signature verification

Notarial Original Copy

Execution of documents for use outside Israel

Life Certificate

Testimonial on a negotiable document

Notarial Affidavit

Notarial translations

Notarial wills and testaments

Notarial Prenups

Common-Law Marriages Agreements